Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dani Reardon Spotlight

Dani Reardon

Dani ReardonDani Reardon

My name is Dani Reardon. I am 23 years old and compete as an IFBB PRO in the women’s physique division. I have a masters degree in exercise physiology and absolutely love learning about the human body. I strongly believe in positive affirmations, a strong mind and consistency.

Aside from the hard work of training and eating correctly I also thrive on educating others on what I know and believe in.I feel as though giving a reason why something is done is just as important as telling someone what to do. I look forward to answering questions, and helping you reach your desired goals with nutrition and training manipulation.

Dani ReardonDani Reardon
Dani ReardonDani ReardonDani Reardon

Pro Card- NPC Nationals, (ATL, GA) 2012
2nd place- Southern States (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 2012
1st / overall- Mid Florida (Orlando, FL) 2012
2nd place- SouthernUSA (PCB, FL) 2012

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