Friday, December 13, 2013

Star on the rise


Cindy Landolt@cindytraining One of our favorite women in world, Cindy Landolt will portray Saba - Priestess of the Underworld in an upcoming Graphic Novel & feature film.

She writes, "I was informed through a friend of mine about anew project, to create a graphic novel and a full length feature film of the Irish hero, Finn McCool Now Finn's love was called, Saba, a Priestess, Warrior Women Supreme, I was told that I looked exactly like her from the novels artwork and it's true, I do, so I bid for the perk on the projects Indiegogo campaign and WON IT!.. Soon after I was contacted by the writer/producer of the Finn McCool project, Chris Brosnan, equally amazed by how much I looked like his vision of Saba! So from this moment on my image will be immortalized as that of Saba throughout the whole graphic novel series and then on to the movie when it's made, so exciting! This will be a whole new venture for me and something that has interested me for a while, but I’m a strong believer in waiting for the right opportunity to appear ... So here it is!.. Please watch the link below, it’s going to be great!.. you could even join me in the making of it! There's still lots of great perks on offer, so give the campaign your support, pass on the word and see me in the novel! Maybe even find yourself "Immortalized" beside me!! Great fun, great weekend, take a peek at:

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