Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sherri Gray Spotlight

Sherri Gray
I thought I would give everyone a little background about myself to get to know me a bit on a personal level. I am married with 2 children.

I work full time as an Instrumentation Engineer for a Pharmaceutical company and also work part time as a personal trainer at 2 local gyms.

My husband, John, is the owner of Custom Home Furniture Galleries here in Wilmington and is my biggest supporter. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the love and support of my husband and children. I began competing in 2007, but started in the Figure division.

I did several shows and won a show and placed 2nd in another, but the following year I was being told I was too muscular for the physique they were trying to direct Figure. The judges suggested I switch to bodybuilding.

I thought I would take their advice and see how I liked it. I started training in the spring of 2008 to compete in bodybuilding by changing my diet a bit and my training style. I did my first show in April of 2009 where I won my class and the overall. I also did Jr.USA’s and placed second that same year.

I decided to stick with the bodybuilding because I enjoyed it and felt it fit my personality my style of training. I trained hard and competed at the Arnold Amateur in 2010 where I placed 2nd in the Middleweight division.

In September 2010, I competed at the North Americans and won the Middleweight division in both the Open and Masters 35+ classes. I truly enjoy the challenge of bodybuilding and watching my body change by how I train and eat.

I have developed a passion for it and hope my habits set a good example for eating clean and staying healthy for my kids, family and friends.

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Sherri GraySherri GraySherri Gray

Sherri GraySherri GraySherri Gray

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