Thursday, October 24, 2013

He shoots... no good

Published October 4, 2008  | Previous entry

flowerI took a longer break than normal last night and made my way back to Orion. I was hoping Lee was working security again. No good. I introduced myself to Vince, made some small talk and gave him a story about leaving something in there from the last shift. Again, no good. I wasn't on the list and he didn't seem to care for my witless banter.

I refilled the flash drive with test files and needed to at least try a proximity test. Last time, my flash drive (with keys) was left at the security checkpoint and never actually made it into the labs. Maybe that was close enough, so I walked over... slowly and talk, talk talk. Vince never caught on, but asked me to leave, so I did and went back to work.

I was anxious to get home and test the drive. Again the text and music files were garbled. A couple other formats didn't even open, but the images had been modified again. I wanted to test a variety of images. Again I had a couple bodybuilders, but also some other organic and inorganic pics in different file formats. Even some line drawings to get an idea of the range of manipulation. Most were undecipherable, but I could tell that something was analyzing them. Can't tell what yet or why, but here's a couple samples.

Area OrionArea OrionArea Orion

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