Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fabiola Boulanger Spotlight

Fabiola Boulanger
Strength is not about lifting heavy weights. It’s not even about being physically strong. To me, strength comes from the inner you and is the ability to go through events and situations with intelligence, wisdom, calm, respect, tolerance and love. And it ain’t easy to be strong as it forces you to overcome the tendency to be selfish and self-centered.

In 6 years, I have gone from 126lbs to 167lbs off-season and competing at 149lbs. These changes were obtained by hard work, discipline, commitment and dedication. Through it all, I’ve learned a lot on nutrition and training, but also a lot on myself. I’ve learned to believe that I could achieve anything I wanted, that I could attract what I wanted towards me by having to good attitude and doing the right choices. I’ve put myself to the test a few times already, and my beliefs were rewarded every time that I stayed true to myself. Now, with this new goal of changing my whole body and losing a lot of lean muscle, I’m once again putting myself to the test. Being armed with a lot of faith and courage, I know I’ll achieve my goal. There won’t be any obstacle too hard to overcome because I know my decision is made with my heart and soul, and that this new path I’m getting on is exactly where I need to be.

Since I got back to competition, I’ve worked hard to show that a woman could still be really feminine and aesthetic though being really muscular. I’ve also worked hard to improve our image towards the general public because I felt our sport needed more recognition in order to elevate itself to where it belongs. We are often considered as freaks and unhealthy people by ignorant others, and I thought it was one of my tasks, as a pro athlete, to educate people about bodybuilding. And I will continue to do so.

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Fabiola BoulangerFabiola BoulangerFabiola Boulanger

Fabiola Boulanger

Fabiola BoulangerFabiola BoulangerFabiola Boulanger

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