Thursday, May 16, 2013

Female Muscle Morphs

How much muscle can a woman have? In real life, it’s limited to personal commitment, training and pharmaceutical aid. In the digital world, it’s only limited by imagination.

Muscle Morphs have been around since Adobe Photoshop’s release in 1990 and female muscle growth fans have used it to visualize ultimate muscular development. Of course they’re not real, but look at the typical bodybuilder from 30 years ago versus today. What’s to say these aren’t a glimpse of what’s to come.

Just because photos can be digitally enhanced, should they? Morphs have been criticized for devaluing the hard work and training of athletes. One competitor commented that a picture of mine was “extremely offensive” to her. The image in question was requested by friend Latia Del Riviero who wanted to see how she looked with an “extra 30 lbs of pure muscle”. I may have given her a bit more. Ruthie Lucchesi also requested an enhancement and I asked her “do bodybuilders think morphs are insulting?” She told me “I think most female bodybuilders would not be insulted because obviously we love having huge muscles.”

Most do it for free since these “found” images actually infringe on photographer’s copyright. It’s like musicians “sampling” others music. Whenever possible, I’ve tried to contact them and ask permission. Some love them, some don’t. Morphs are an underground art form with a limited audience, no pay and sometimes hostile reactions. So why make them? I still haven’t figured that out.

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Written by Area Orion for in 2010.

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