Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Artist Spotlight on Adam Hughes

Comic book superheroines
Adam Hughes is a comic book artist known for his gorgeous, stylized covers of strong, elegantly drawn super heroines and fantasy figures. He is considered to be one of a new generation of "Good Girl" artists inspired by classic pin-up artists Petty, Vargas and Elvgren. He pencils, inks and colors his own covers, using both traditional and digital mediums in what he calls a "naturalistic" style.

Hughes was born 1967 in Riverside, New Jersey and began drawing "as soon as the opposable thumb started working." He broke into the comics world in 1985 and hit the mainstream in 1989 on D.C. Comic's Justice League. In the beginning, he drew both covers and interior pages, but later switched to just cover art. While working on the Dark Horse series "Ghost", Hughes started using an "Art Nouveau" style to give his art a Film Noir feel. He also started using Photoshop to digitally color his work.

In 1998, Hughes began a successful 5 year run of Wonder Woman covers that brought him critical acclaim. He followed that up with another successful run on Catwoman. Besides comic covers, his artwork can be seen in many places outside the comic book industry. He recently created the cover for a new Wonder Woman Encyclopedia and has an "Art of..." coffee table book in the works.

Adam Hughes currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit the official Adam Hughes website or his DeviantArt page for more.

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