Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jackie Paisley Needs Your Help

Jackie Paisley"Jackie Paisley was once a top competitor and role model in the fitness industry. A former IFBB professional female bodybuilder during the 1980s, Jackie achieved the ultimate honor by winning the prestigious 1989 Ms. International overall. I doubt the thought ever crossed her mind that one day she would literally be competing for her life.

With a degree from Arizona State University, a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, dancer and professional bodybuilder with over two decades of experience, this woman is no stranger to obstacles. My favorite quote from Jackie is, “Every truly great accomplishment is at first impossible!”

In 2011, after months of illness and misdiagnosis from doctors, she went through a seven-hour surgery to remove adhesions and eight lymph nodes filled with silicone due to breast enhancement done during her competitive years. Until her personal experiences with ‘silicone toxicity’ Jackie didn’t consider the consequences as the medical community expressed such safety. After the surgery, the effects left her previously sculpted muscles and strength, diminished and extremely weak. In addition to unexpected physical complications, resulting in months of recovery, Jackie also cares for her eight year old special needs son (Neo).

Jackie PaisleyThe expenses have overwhelmed Jackie and although many of her friends have tried to help get her back on track, she struggles to make the basic payments of rent, electricity, and food. As a proud and independent woman, Jackie shies away from asking for help. Through all these complications though she remains positive about her recovery and has used her knowledge to identify “The Genetic Code” to help others become healthy through herbal supplements rather than medication. This is how I first met Jackie several months ago. I am a bikini competitor and athlete looking to make my mark in the fitness industry. The training, diet and supplements alone begin to take its toll on the body for many athletes over time. Jackie was able to utilize her skills and personal experiences to help me identify, treat and work through the different systems so I can get back to my goals. I still have a couple months to my recovery but I can already tell a major difference.

What I am asking is for help (see below Links), on behalf of a woman who has impacted the fitness industry for years and is continuing to do so. All she needs is a spotter to help minimize the heavy weight until she can readjust and push forward." - Allison Pease

1. Jackie’s YouTube Post (12-9-12)
2. Direct Donation Link
3. Jackie Paisley Facebook Fan Page

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