Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Laura Binetti Spotlight

Laura Binetti
Laura Binetti understands the Fitness Industry from many perspectives. Her formal education coupled with her experience, expertise and excitement is what makes Laura one of the best well-known Fitness Trainers.

Laura began her career as a long distance runner. She started to weight train in 1986 to help gain strength and endurance. In addition to the great results she was getting, she found a passion for weight training.

Laura completed as an amateur in bodybuilding from 1987-1990, winning the Provincial and Canadian Championships. Her professional body building career led her to win three pro champs in three different countries. Laura Binetti is the only Canadian female to have won the World Championship title.

After capturing the title of World Champion, Laura retired from professional bodybuilding and began using her vast knowledge to focus on helping others attain their personal fitness goals. Today, Laura trains and educated individuals across North America. Her clients include top pro athletes, pro bodybuilders, national champions, paraplegic athletes, nationally ranked fitness competitors, as well as a broad range of individuals aspiring to achieve their personal fitness goals.

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Laura BinettiLaura BinettiLaura Binetti

Laura BinettiLaura BinettiLaura Binetti

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