Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Debi Laszewski Spotlight

Debi Laszewski
Debi Laszewski is a Professional Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer and Model originally from Wausau, WI. She started lifting after being motivated by the movie "Terminator".

"I have been competing nationally for 14 years and love the sport and lifestyle. The character traits of perseverance and dedication that the sport demonstrates brings success in one's life. I love helping people reach their goals through personal training. I enjoy the company of my favorite pet, my cat. He is an African Bengal and my favorite part of my day."

Debi did her first competition at the age of 24. It was a natural show and she won her class. She turned pro after winning her class at the 2006 Nationals in Miami. Debi is now the #3 ranked professional Bodybuilder in the world.

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Debi LaszewskiDebi LaszewskiDebi Laszewski

Debi LaszewskiDebi LaszewskiDebi Laszewski

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