Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anne Freitas Spotlight

Anne Freitas
Birthplace : Criciúma, Santa Catarina – Brazil
Sports practiced: Tennis , Olympic gymnastics, Body boarding, Ballet and Jazz.
Favorite hobbies : Going to the movies, shopping, traveling, going to the beach and sewing.

My family means everything to me. I have a beautiful daughter and my parents are wonderful. I consider myself a very focused and perfectionist person on what I do, I always try to accomplish the goals that I put in mind. Since I was a little girl this sport fascinated me, I was amazed by the muscles.

I began working out relatively late. My body changed fast and everywhere I went, people would ask me if I competed. So six years later, I decided to put a purpose to all that effort and investment I made.

I started in 2008 at the figure category at IFBB and participated in two championships, state and national, which I won both. Even though I had a lot of muscle many people said at the time that my legs would never get ripped enough. In fact, they got so ripped that I had to move to another category, Bodybuilding.

In 2009 I prepared myself to the national championship again, but the federation invited to go straight to the South American and world championship due to the excellent muscular quality I achieved. It was a great surprise, I won the South American championship in my category and the overall title too. It was incredible, like a dream come true!

This championship was my first experience at the bodybuilding and it made me confident to follow to the world championship, where I got the title in bodybuilding up to 55 kilos as well as the Overall, fact that no other Brazilian athlete had ever accomplished. It was one of the greatest sensations I had ever felt in my life.

Anne won her first pro show at the Europa and will be competing for the Ms. Olympia title in the Fall. See more of Anne at & Facebook

Anne FreitasAnne FreitasAnne Freitas

Anne FreitasAnne FreitasAnne Freitas

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