Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Transformation of Dawn Whitham

Dawn Whitham transformation
Many female bodybuilder transformations are fascinating and inspiring... then there's Dawn Whitham. "Bigger, Better, Faster...MORE is Better!" is her favorite saying and would set her on a bizarre transformation path for over 20 years and give her the rare distinction of "living morph".

Dawn Whitham before & afterDawn began training in 1987 and created a muscular physique on par with many pros. Breast implants are common with female bodybuilders and Dawn would push her MORE is Better mantra to the max. She chronicles her growing breast expansion starting in 1993 with 320cc's and topped out at nearly 10 times that. Add her growing tattoo collection, various other implants and piercings and you get the most unique looking muscle woman ever.

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