Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Michi Ritz - Brazil's Bodybuilding TV Doctor

Michi Ritz
Move over Dr. Phil, a female bodybuilder is taking over. Dr Michelle Ritzmann, better known as FBB Michi Ritz or Dra. Ritz is on Brazilian network television where she talks about health and wellness, interviews renowned doctors in the field and addresses issues relevant to public health. Michi is a long time female bodybuilder with a medical degree from the University Federal of Rio de Janeiro and post-graduate work in General Surgery and Hyperbaric Medicine. She specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine and promotes medical therapies that optimize quality of life, physical and mental health and improves longevity. She's quite the living example for her patients.

Bodybuilding began for Michi when she was 14 and saw Boris Vallejo illustrations of Amazons from Greek Mythology
. She was enchanted with the perfectly defined muscles in the art that were aesthetically flawless. She says, "I decided I would be exactly like that! That's how I first entered a weight room. I could not imagine at that time the importance that this sport would be in the future and influence my life style from now on."

This gorgeous bodybuilder has brains, beauty and brawn and is doing something positive to affect the world around her. A woman worthy of her amazingness.

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