Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ready To Meet Your Doom?

Andrea DoomSlayer GiacomiMost people have extra curricular activities to make life more exciting. Female bodybuilder Andrea Giacomi is no exception, but it's not a bowling league or book club that she participates in.

Andrea goes by the name DoomSlayer and is part of the Foam Weapons League. The FWL describes itself as an alternative sports league that combines the best of live action role play and mixed martial arts to create a never before seen kind of one-on-one combat. All fights are 100% real and are not staged or choreographed. Warriors wear harnesses with blood bags attached to vital points of the body – when two of their bags have been broken, they’re out… and a new champion arises.

Andrea describes her character DoomSlayer as "strong, powerful and has the look of an amazon goddess. The look in her eyes can almost be magical…as if you can trust her with your life, but don't let that deceive you. She has the strength and pure evilness to massacre any warrior that comes before her. Doomslayer…protects what is hers & has no remorse."

Crossing "foam" swords with DoomSlayer may not be the wisest idea, but it sure looks like a lot of fun.
Doomslayer, The Tattooed Woman, & Jija the Destroyer
photo…Doomslayer, The Tattooed Woman & Jija the Destroyer

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