Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Female Muscle Library

Female Muscle LibraryOriginally published as a Fantasy Muscle article for

If you like to read and admire incredibly muscular and strong women, then the Female Muscle Library is for you. The FML is a DeviantArt portal where a group of dedicated writers tell and share their female muscle and strength stories.

The group was founded in 2009 by Rinji Pantera and currently has over 200 writers. Beside showcasing great stories, the group also aims to promote it’s writers. One way is the Author of the Month which features in-depth interviews with selected members to give a better insight into their world.

Another is The Gamma Awards. Rinji describes it as an “annual event that celebrates the combined achievements and successes of many female muscle stories by many different authors. It focuses on the best of the best as determined by a mixed combination of votes via polls and a select panel of judges.”

The voting phase is currently underway, so check it out. Read some great female muscle fiction and vote for your favorites.

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