Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aleesha's New Boobs

Here's a new section I like to call Schmo News... or Schmews.

aleesha young breast implantsGo Big or Go Home is the bodybuilding mantra! Rumor spread through the female muscle fan world that bodybuilder Aleesha Young had new breast implants that were as impressive in size as her muscles. While female muscle fans may be a small percentage of the male population, breast fans are nearly 100%.

Unrealmuscle Forums was the first to break this "new development" which had fans scurrying the internet for a peak at Aleesha's new curves. In all honesty, it's just a couple blobs of Silicone on an already impressive lady. That being said, I had to see for myself and did a search. No luck.

Aleesha YoungA new Aleesha webcam pic was finally posted at the forum. Impressive indeed and I had to wipe a little drool from my chin. I consider myself an intelligent and mature male, but instantly reverted to a 14 year old teenager upon first glance... at least for a moment.

The forum then gets flooded with comments on the new look. Everything from "They look fantastic" to "Disappointing. I am a fan of female muscle, not ridiculously huge fake boobs." I guess that's what Forums are for, even though it doesn't matter. This was Aleesha's choice and I'm sure her old fans will still be around and maybe grab new ones from all the buzz.

I'm not advocating breast implants. I understand that with the little money made from Female Bodybuilding, there's a need to supplement income. If bigger boobs give you an advantage for Schmo dollars, by all means go for it.

I think Aleesha looks great, wish her the best and look forward to more pictures soon.

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