Monday, October 19, 2009


female muscle growth
Manbeater - Smoking hot Melissa Dettwiller looking buff and grungy in this photo by SheMuscle. I was feeling confident from my last success with Brigita so I sent Melissa this sample for review. She wrote back:

i LOVE it!!!! keep it coming. lol! i'm going to post it in my blog and on facebook and stuff. is that ok? would u like me to post your name or anything?

Melissa Dettwiller

I followed up with previous samples which she also posted, then she sent me a photo of her friend to get the Area Orion treatment. We'll see how Nikki Jackson makes it through the process in the upcoming weeks.


  1. SMOKIN!!! Just when I thought Melissa couldn't get any hotter you took her over the top

  2. I can not believe what I'm seeing, I mean, this girls has more muscles than my gym personal trainer, and trust me, that's so difficult to see. I'm definitely without words.

  3. Pitifully some ladies have decided to begin a career in this environment. I'm not anybody to judge them all, but too many could be pretty models, this one is an example.


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