Friday, July 31, 2009


breast expansion morph
What happens when a women who doesn't need enhancements goes to Area Orion? It’s almost sacrligious to mess with the perfection of Nena Cortes. Lord don’t strike me down.


  1. Like the breast size, but that waist...

  2. This is a shame against God, He has created the body to be a beautifull well oil machine for His purpose, and we do this to it? Whoever finds this the "Body Beatifull" is as strange as the body itself, this looks like an image , if it even exsited, a photo taken of aliens from another world. When this above person gets older there will be left a lot of skin, and she will regret it, it will look more awful than it looks now, Women are supose to look like Women. Not Like This, oh my God this is not of this world, we as human are trying to make it be THIS WORLD.

  3. Spoken with conviction and much appreciated. Remember its not of this world... its of Area Orion.


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