Monday, June 29, 2009


she hulk
Betty Viana gets a dose of Gamma radiation. Original photo by Mike Yurkovic

I finally made it to 100 and want to thank to everyone for the encouragement and support. Its been a rocky 8 months since I started at Area Orion and began to post these photos. My suspension (twice) from DeviantArt made me stronger by forcing me to reach out to other sites. I may have lost some friends in the move, but gained more in the long run. So here's my special thanks to all my friends and fans, to all the photographers and most importantly to all the beautiful women that adorn my blog. The photos may be enhanced, but you are gorgeous without any help from Area Orion. My best to everyone and hope you keep coming back.

In case you haven't figured out the cataloging code yet, its very simple.
Sample (being that it's a photo sample, not full tissue testing))
088 (Sequential number of sample)
H (denotes which test group it belongs to. Each test group is a separate loaded flash drive with photos. Many photos are destroyed in each group and many are garbled beyond recognition. Only legible ones get uploaded for review.) Each test group has a distinctive mark created by the celldat scanner. I have yet to decipher the purpose or any pattern between them. They are NOT a watermark or ID mark by me.
0509 (Upload date for review i.e March 2009)



  1. yesssssss is a great photo, that level of quality, I
    by mounting a picture, and really finish it when I fit the head and the hair on the body, still photos Orion.


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