Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Female Bodybuilder found dead in her Private Sex Dungeon

Koulla Kakoulli
DailyMail: Koulla Kakoulli, 56, known professionally as Mistress Dometria, ran a private 'erotic boudoir' and dungeon for paying clients from her home in Brighton.

 Koulla KakoulliThe mum-of-five was a competitive bodybuilder, regularly competing in international events, and had also appeared on the covers of fetish magazines and in hardcore fetish films.

An inquest in the city heard the 56-year-old used steroids to bulk up for competitions.
Paramedics said her body was too cold to record a temperature and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her inquest heard she was asthmatic and her heart was enlarged. Traces of white powder, believed to be Ketamine, were found under her left nostril. Pathologist Dr Mark Taylor said her cause of death was un-ascertained. 'Bottom line is, there is no definitive cause of death,' he said.

The expert said it was most likely her heart went into a fatal arrhythmia and death would have been very quick. He went on: 'I have done research on body builders who have died. You can say use of unregulated medication is potentially not safe.' He agreed that the use of steroids could have contributed to her death.

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