Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The World's Youngest Female Bodybuilder...

...And She Started When She Was 10 Months Old.

Prisais Townsend

Via Shared. At only ten months old, Prisais Townsend did her first CrossFit workout after copying her father's routine at the gym. Prisais' father James Townsend, the co-owner of Automo CrossFit in Moorpark, California, said he's proud of his daughter for working out at such a young age, and hopes that her dedication inspires others to do so as well. "Her first workout when she was 10 months and she picked up two and a half pound dumbbell and started doing snatches - [I] never showed her [how]!" he said in an interview with Barcroft TV.

Prisais Townsend"People's reactions to Prisais' videos online are like: 'Wow, oh my god, she's inspiring! Look at her, what am I doing with my life?'"

"It inspires people to be active with their kids. This country is riddled with childhood obesity, you know."

"She is empowering other women because other people, other young girls, other women see the fight and see the determination in her."

Along with her father, Prisais also works out with his clients, such as Maddy Espinoza, who said that she always pushes her to accomplish her goals.

"Her being five-years-old and be able to do what she does, it's impressive and makes you push more because she can do what I can do too," she said. >> Read more here.

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