Monday, January 13, 2014

The Mile-Below Club

female muscle morphfemale muscle morph

Sample024C1108 and Sample025C1108. 
Originally published November 2008

My new friend Meg has been avoiding me since I gave her the morphed female muscle photos from my flash drive. I didn't want to, but I also didn't want to loose my job. Yesterday, I saw her in the common's fitness center while I was getting a bite to eat. She immediately started to leave when she saw me, but I asked her to stay and hear me out. I explained my muscular women fixation and had no idea how the images on my flash drive transformed like that.

What came next surprised the hell out of me. Her face lit up, she gave me a big hug and we went to one of the private rooms to talk. She told me of her mutual fixation with muscles and that she thought she caused the morphed images since she designed the main systems and programming for the Celldat scanner. It scans brain waves as well as cell structure and got a heavy dose of FMG from the both of us. She started laughing, then crying, then attacked me... in the good way. We had hot sex in Area Orion and became new members in the Mile-Below Club!

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