Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Artist Spotlight on FemXMan





FemXManFemXMan is a fantasy muscle artist from Toronto that creates some of the most extreme women imaginable. He beautifully pushes the boundaries of muscular mass, density and vascularity with just pen and marker. I recently caught up with this talented artist to find out more about him.

• What do preferred to be called?
Depends on who's asking, Double Chocolate has become popular amongst my female friends. Seriously. ;)

• When and where were you born?
I'm a Canuck, or Canadian if you will and I'm 28 1/4.

• What are your interests, hobbies or passions?
Woman, bodybuilding, arts, video games, rock climbing, bouldering, trail riding, dirt jumping, flatland BMX, swimming. I do a lot of activities, oh and dating... It's starting to feel like a hobby now because I do it so often, geez.

• Do you have a job other than producing your artwork?
Climbing instructor.

• How long have you been an artist?
Since I've been able to talk to birds...

• What artists have influenced you?
In regards to the current subject matter, at the beginning of all this was David C. Mathews, Wreck Shop and Zebodoy. But as I got better that changed. Now I like the art of Zebodoy and Stef.

• What type of artwork do you create
In regards to this subject matter, adult oriented extreme female bodybuilders.

• What is your preferred medium?
Pens and Markers, I love it. Digitally as of late I've been trying to emulate that look with my illustrations.

• Do you have a favorite subject matter?
Sex, hands down. Does that count? I'll be honest, I'm a very passionate and horny guy like 90% of the time. That's why I date so much, it's not easy trying to find one. My current mission is to date an fbb but that's proving to be difficult mainly because I don't go to a gym and that's where they are... But whatever if that happens I'll have quite a bit of inspiration for my favorite subject matter.

• Is there something that makes your artwork special?
I push mass and vascularity to the extreme. I like extreme it seems.

• Who or what are your inspirations?
Just bodybuilding in general, or to be more accurate muscles. Muscles look sexy, especially on a woman.

• Can you describe your creation process and technique:
Sometimes I can just be searching the net for some other kind of reference or organizing my library and come across a picture. Then my imagination just runs wild and I take it from there. Start to sketch and if I like it I refine it and if it continues to work then I'll finish it.

• Was there one artwork or event that was a turning point in your career? Why?
Nope, I'm not there yet. Need more experience and learning lessons. This art is taboo with a specific audience kind of like actual fbb's. F*ck! You know if I saw them out in public like regular people it would so be a different ball game, but I digress. If I become more active in the bodybuilding community then I might be able to merge this persona into my own. But I'm not holding my breath on that one.

• Is there one of your own works that's a personal favorite? Why?
No. As to why not, well because my art keeps improving so a week later I might not like it any more.

• Do you have any future plans or ideas you can tell us about?
I've always been meaning to do some type of comic, but I have to weigh what it's worth and collaborate with a writer. If anybody it would be Mr. Shhh. Awefilm's approached me awhile back about a comic or something, but as of late I've been giving it thought as to how I can make it work more in my favor.

• Anything else you would like to add?
To get good at something, you have to put in work, that's what separates an exception individual from an average one. I'm not just talking about art, I mean anything you do.

Also, most men who love female bodybuilders keep it hush hush. It's so black and white, no shade of gray. Not me though, I put it out there that I'm looking for my hunky flower. :) Haha.

To see more of FemXMan's artwork, visit his blog at http://femxgirlsreloaded.blogspot.com or his DeviantArt page.

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