Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Strong Women in History: Miss Apollina

Miss ApollinaMiss Apollina

Elise Gillaine Herbigneaux (Miss Apollina), was born in Tongrine, Belgium in 1875. Growing up in a large family, Elise always participated in rugged games like hockey, tussled with boys and loaded and unloaded wagons with her own mighty arms. At fifteen, she trained to imitate the feats of the Antwerp strongman, Jean Larrey.

Apollina moved to Paris and trained at the Arasse Gymnasium in wrestling and weightlifting. She later left for Hamburg and won a wrestling championship. She emerged as the World's Champion in international competitions held in Liege, Brussels, Ghent, Charleroi and Mons where she defeated forty female wrestlers holding a title which has never been taken away. Next, Apollina toured London and the other cities showcasing her feats of strength. In her stage performances, she would engage local wrestlers to raise audience excitement and regularly wrestled men.

Apollina eventually married and adopted a three year old lost boy who later became a famous professor of strength.

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