Sunday, February 27, 2011

Commentary on the Sport of Bodybuilding

Support Female BodybuildingEvery sport has a goal. Some are based on achieving the most (or least) points, others the fastest time. Whether it's point, speed or performance based, every sport is a competition to beat an opponent by reaching an ultimate goal.

Bodybuilding is very different to most other sports but still has a goal. To build your body with muscle beyond the average physique and compete against others. The winner has built the biggest and best physique, but it's subjective since it's determined by a panel of judges rather than a clearly defined best score or speed.

So why would a sport that is based on building the most muscle possible hinder it's competitors by restricting the amount of muscle they can add. It's like telling Formula 1 racers they can't go over 100mph. That's what has been happening with Women's Bodybuilding over the last 20 years even though those restrictions don't apply to the men.

Now they're trying to phase it out completely. Is it because the women are too big or don't fit into their ideal of femininity? What again is the goal of the sport?

I'm a fan of bikini & wet t-shirt contests, but wouldn't call it a sport. To try and dilute female bodybuilding by forcing it to become that for monetary gain seems like an evolutionary step backwards in a sport with a fine tradition of champions and athletes. Back to racing for an example. NASCAR has grown insanely popular and profitable but the cars aren't as powerful as Formula 1. Would you get rid of the Indy 500 because it didn't make as much money? There's room for all levels of Female Bodybuilding - Bikini, Figure, Fitness and Muscle. Just don't remove the top prize.

Maybe the entire system needs to change. A sport based on subjectivity can be interpreted by whomever sits in control. I think fans and promoters of the sport should work to ensure that Female Bodybuilding has a long and enduring future.

Sign the Petition to Keep the IFBB Female Bodybuilding Division.

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