Friday, September 7, 2018

Dada - Stage 3

Dada female muscle morph

How you like me now?  Stage 3 is complete and we nearly blew out the labs faster than Dada grew out of her clothes. Definitely the most tedious and difficult process I’ve ever attempted but am pleased with the results. We may try this again on a new subject but rebuilding the labs will take awhile :)

Sample576LA0918. An Area Orion female muscle morph.

Here's some behind the scenes images into the making of Dada Stage 3. We start with (might I say) a very sexy image of the subject. See more of her at dadatools. This process starts with a Frankenmorph using Dexter Jackson and Elle Matthews for desired body poses and details. We come away with one hellova kick-ass body. We then take that and do a Bigify morph to super-enhance the body parts and what you get is the above image. Don't know what a Frankenmorph or Bigify morph is? Check out my blog post here.

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